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The 2013 Ford Fusion or Aston Martin?


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Ford has been showing off it’s great looking 2013 Ford Fusion, but is it really a new look? Yes it is a new look for the Fusion, but doesn’t it somewhat resemble a brand of car which Ford owned until 2007? I don’t know if you see it too, but to me it resembles what a cheaper Aston Martin 4-door would possibly look like. Take a look at the pictures below. The cars are different, but yet they are the same. The Fusion and the Aston Martin have very familiar front-ends, but the rear-ends are definitely different. Either way, you can’t look at the future Fusion and not see a little hint of an Aston Martin.

2013 Ford Fusion Front

2009 Aston Martin DB9

Evidently, Ford has taken a page out of the playbook of Hyundai as I covered in my previous story on “Was that a Hyundai or a Mercedes with a Bentley Badge?”. Is Ford ripping-off the Aston Martin design? Possibly, but it is a great looking car. Ford has created a mid-size car which is getting a ton of buzz and if you see the Aston Martin resemblance, you might just feel like you are buying a piece of a super car without spending over $100k. It’s not a totally original look, but it is going to be the car is going to be a hit. I expect to see sales of the new Fusion spike once it is released on dealership lots. If Ford can keep this up, they will be hard to contend with even if it only drives somewhat as good as it looks.

Enjoy and share your thoughts!



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  1. tj February 21, 2012

    The nose of the aston martin was designed while ford owned them in the early 2000’s Do a little research before defaming a companies name.

    1. Rob February 21, 2012

      TJ, first, thank you for visiting our site and commenting on our story. In no way are we wanting any “defaming” of any companies name. This is a strictly an opinion article. The iconic grill of the Aston Martin has been around for many years, just look at the DB2. Also, if you look at a 1995 Aston Martin, you can still see the same basic design we are comparing in our article. Thanks again for visiting our site and commenting!

    2. Brendan March 16, 2012

      TJ: enjoy, but don’t share your thoughts.

    3. keith walter November 5, 2012

      thank you!!!! Aston Martin was owned by Ford, starting during the mid 80’s through 2007, even though Aston Martin has grown into there own motor company Ford still had a big part into what Aston Martin is today!!!

    4. CP December 3, 2012

      Look up the 1958 aston martin db2, then come back and apologize for that comment.

    5. Luke May 4, 2013

      That has been Aston Martin’s look from the get go. What ford did was a total rip-off, they need to find their own signature look!

  2. Mike March 5, 2012

    I totally disagree with this approach to design by Ford. First off, this isn’t even an homage, this is copying. The Aston is amazing and should remain a rare species- to morph the Fusion in this direction seems odd. Why? I think Ford was doing well with it’s current design language, to me, this is taking a step back. I wonder how Ford purists will feel about this? I think it erodes the brand integrity but that’s just me. Make no mistake it will be a commercial success but I think it’s a missed opportunity, the interior is fantastic and I would have loved to see a bold original exterior design to match.

    1. Phil July 17, 2012

      I hear what your saying all the way about maintaining the look of the brand… but who doesn’t want an aston martin look at a ford price? Show me that person and I’ll hop out of line at the ford dealership to pick up one of the first 2013 Fusions… good luck!

      1. Rob July 17, 2012

        You are exactly right! Another thing which is making them even more desirable is the fact overseas will not get the Ford Mondeo for a while longer. Ford is hitting a homerun with new look. It will be hard to follow-up in the coming years.

  3. Brendan March 16, 2012

    I’m sure Ford has a PR rep to defend themselves, they don’t need you.

  4. Brian April 8, 2012

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the new Fusion was that it looks like a DB9. The last version of the Mondeo looked a bit like this as well, though the resemblance to an AM wasn’t as strong.

  5. Dan April 12, 2012

    I saw: DB9 grill and the Kia Optima headlights…

  6. dustin May 29, 2012

    Look at the 60’s between the mustang and the vantage. This is NOTHING but history repeating itself.

  7. Tommy D June 20, 2012

    Seriously? If the car resembles an Aston who cares? If it looks great, runs great, this is great news for the consumer and Ford. Its a win win. Do you recall the couple versions of the Mustang in the 80’s that were small car and ugly. There are people that loved That design and were upset when Ford went more retro. More people will be interested with this new design than upset, I feel confident.

    1. Rob June 21, 2012

      I agree this car is going to be a HUGE hit for Ford. It is just a little disappointing they couldn’t come up with a design which doesn’t resemble another manufacturer. Soon all of Ford’s vehicles will have this same front-end look. Good for Ford, but bad for Aston. Who wants a $100k car that looks like a Ford unless it is a GT?

  8. Kirk September 18, 2012

    I own an Aston and it’s actually really annoying. Funny thing is my girlfriend has a fusion as a company car, so I sent it to her first thing when I saw this. She wants to upgrade to the new model now lol. Anyway, this is happening across the whole auto industry. Started with the Chrysler Bentley, Kia with SUV’s that resemble Porsche Cayenne, Hyundai’s that take cues from Mercedes.. it’s all over the place.. and shady… but I don’t blame the American car markers, their Korean counterparts have been doing this aggressively the last few years. The Japanese generally stuck to their own look.

  9. Eagertrader September 19, 2012

    For decades I thought to myself: Why can’t American car manufacturers make cars that that have refined designs like the europeans do, and instead of cars that looke more like appliances with wheels?
    Finally my angst has been soothed by Ford: I sincerely hope that this trend is here to stay not just with Ford, but across US car makers!

  10. Rick Averill October 12, 2012

    When Datsun (Nissan) wanted to make a sports car, they built an MGB remake and called it the Fair Lady. Toyota followed suit by introducing the 2000GT based on the Jaguar XK-E.
    The Mazda Eunos (Miata in the US) closely followed the Lotus Elan of the 1960’s. Using other designs for “inspiration” is an ongoing practice in the automotive world. Ford has had great sucess with the reissue of the Ford GT. Mustangs that looked like they came directly from 1967 saved the company a few years ago. They also led Dodge to reissue the Challenger and Chevy to bring back a nostalgic Camaro. The T-Bird was kind of a bust, but they tried.
    Come to think of it, modern day Astons appear much closer to the DB5 in Goldfinger than they do to AM’s of the ’70’s and 80’s. Just as the XK-8 was derived from the old XK-E, Aston may be guilty of lifting their own 50 year old designs. (It also occurs to me that Jag and Aston started that practice when they were owned by FOMOCO)

  11. justnother1 October 20, 2012

    apple vs samsung patent design anyone?

  12. Arthur Raynor November 3, 2012

    Picked up my 2013 Ford Fusion last week. It is in the new Gingerale color and I get looks and comments every time we drive it. As a graphic design and vinyl installer, I can’t wait to do a custom vinyl design job on it like I did on my 2010 Ford Fusion.

  13. A.Opinion November 12, 2012

    The one and only good thing this does, in my opinion, is make Aston Martin’s cheaper on ebay motors. No, I will not be buying a Ford, let alone one that is a clear rip off of Aston Martin.

    1. NoOneCares November 18, 2012

      Cool story bro…

  14. Philip January 27, 2013

    First looks are important and YES it does look like Aston Martin – thats whay drew me to look at the car further. In the market for a mid-sedan they all have similar performance; Toyota, Honda, Hyun, Dodge etc etc. This is the by far the best looking of the bunch.

    Congrats to Ford team for making the traditional boring mid-sedan now have sex appeal !. If Aston think they are violating any rights let them deal with it.

  15. Karl Davies February 21, 2013

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.Who knows,it could pay off for Aston Martin should
    an upwardly mobile or lotto winning customer buy a Fusion

  16. ChevyMan March 3, 2013

    Ford sucks to lazy to come up with something new so they just took the astons look.

    1. glen331985 March 17, 2013

      But aston’s look great, why not use that design? If it ain’t broke . . .

  17. MelP April 3, 2013

    Just bought a brand new Ford Fusion S! Beautiful car at a great cost! Who cares if it resembles an Aston…? Things change- Ford made a great choice with the design! The car is very alluring and I love driving it!

  18. Robbie April 18, 2013

    I get excited when I see an Aston Martin on the freeway….now I have to ask myself is that a Ford?????

  19. J.W. May 20, 2013

    I personally prefer the previous Fusion style, when I first saw the look of the 2013, I rushed out to get a 2012 before they were taken off the lot. If I wanted an Aston Martin look, I would buy an Aston Martin.

    1. Chris September 30, 2014

      Huh? How do you figure that?

  20. Rick August 30, 2013

    What’s everyone squawking about ?, the car is awesome. It rides smooth and looks great. Tired of looking at all the boring cars on the road. It gets great gas mileage. This is the best sedan Ford has put out in years.

  21. Ali September 11, 2013

    They could be a bit more original with the design. It’s an insult to Aston’s heritage, Aston owners and enthusiasts to see a look-alike sold as a boring midsize car. This design would be more appropriate with the Chinese, but it seems like American companies are making copies now while the Chinese are coming up with original designs. I would never buy a Ford unless it’s a Crown Vic. Passat TDi is better.

    1. Gleb September 11, 2013

      Considering it was ford’s design to begin with, how exactly is it a copy?

  22. Chris September 30, 2014

    Nothing new here, Enzo Ferrari gave Henry Ford II a Ferrari roadster in 1953. It looks remarkably like the first Thunderbirds.


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