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Amazon has car parts too?!


One day I was looking around for some parts for our 1967 VW Beetle online, when to my amazement I came across Amazon.com for parts. I had no idea Amazon.com had an automotive section, so I decided to check it out. Amazon.com is known for it’s books, electronics, and other things, but not automotive. I needed brake parts so I checked their brake part offerings. Unfortunately, Amazon.com was way off on their brake parts. Their system thought my car had disk brakes when it actually has drum brakes all the way around, Amazon fail. Next I decided to look at the fuel system items they had listed for our Beetle. This time to my amazement they had listed 1 fuel filter and 10 different Nitrous Express systems which should work for our car. I’m pretty sure our little 50 horsepower Beetle would love some nitrous, but it would also probably melt the engine pretty quick.

I continued to go through other categories and Amazon.com did in fact have some parts I could use and were correct. For example, they had the whole clutch set for around $100, which is about right, but add one of the easily found Amazon.com online coupons and you could save some money.

Do I think Amazon.com is going to become a competitor to the mainstream automotive part stores like Autozone, O’Reilly, Napa, and Advance Auto Parts? No, not at all, but they could offer what you need and at a decent price especially with some coupons.


What are your thoughts?

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