Is it just me or does the new Hyundai Genesis Sedan look vaguely familiar? If you are like me, you pay attention to all different types of cars and stylings when you are out and about. The other day I saw a Hyundai Genesis and I unfortunately wasn’t even sure it was a Hyundai. I thought at first, is that a Mercedes, but it looks like it has a Bentley emblem? Am I losing my touch of identifying cars or is it because the Hyundai Genesis looks very similar to a Mercedes with a Bentley emblem? Once I looked at both cars side by side, yes they are different, but the same look is there in the front-end. The rear of the Genesis still looks “Hyundai”, but not the front. The prices are different, but the styling is very similar. Mercedes has only changed their styling slightly over the years whereas Hyundai has dramatically made some changes as of late. It’s like they want you to think you aren’t buying the Hyundai brand of old. Don’t get me wrong, the Hyundai is a great and good looking car, and it only looks like a Mercedes when you are driving by and not really paying attention. With this being said I still feel like it uses some of the styling of the Mercedes.

Something else I noticed Hyundai changing is the badging on some of it’s high-end cars. The badge now looks almost like a Bentley emblem only streamlined. Yes again, they are different, but too vaguely familiar for a company of Hyundai’s size. Surely they have some designers who could come up with a new emblem which looks awesome and not like one from another car company. I mean, look at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, it is both awesome and has a look of it’s own. Hyundai is making great cars and they are going to be one of the top, if not the top manufacturer in the future, but they should really work on making sure they don’t use design characteristics of other brands. Yes, their small cars have their own look, but the Genesis Sedan makes people look like they are just posing as Mercedes owners with Bentley badge, and not Hyundai owners. We’ll see what the future holds for Hyundai and how many other designs look vaguely familiar.

If you want the Mercedes look without the cost, the Hyundai Genesis Sedan is the way to go. The interior is very well done and doesn’t feel like Hyundai of old, but more like a refined luxury car. The Genesis starts at $34,000 as does the Mercedes C-Class, but the Genesis is more the size of an E-Class Mercedes which starts at  $49,000. The base model E-Class Mercedes only has 268 horsepower, gets 17 mpg in the city, and 24 mpg on the highway. The base model Genesis on the other hand has a whopping  333 horsepower, gets 19 mpg in the city, and 29 mpg on the highway. If you’re in the market for a luxury car, do yourself a favor and check out the American built Hyundai Genesis.

-Rob Foster


17 thoughts on “Was that a Hyundai or a Mercedes with a Bentley badge?

    1. Yes. Ford has absolutely ripped off the Aston Martin design and should be ashamed of themselves. For a company who designed the Mustang and Ford GT it’s disgusting. Alan Mullaly is the worst CEO on the planet.

  1. I’m tired of seeing Hyundai cars that look like Hondas, jettas, Mercedes, even rolls Royce, I’ve noticed it for years and its a joke now. Design your own car Hyundai! Next time u see a Hyundai ask yourself what car are they trying to impersonate.

    1. Agreed! Hyundai deserves no respect. Why? This is downright detestable and should be grounds for suing. If I were Mercedes-Benz, I’d prioritize finding a way to end Hyundai’s low-class stealing. That’s what it is, stealing.

      1. being in the car repair business for over 25+yrs, I, like many folks delight in value for my hard earned dollar! I just bought a Genesis, because it drove & looked great! no where in my mind was it copied anything! Designers are always flowing back & forth onto each others boards. Drive the car & you just might be talking Different!

        1. As an act of defiance against my Colleagues- who would never be seen outside of their Beemers, Jags and Mercs, I went for a Genesis Rspec…Black of course…A great friend of mine is a Senior Editor at a major online Motoring Blog…told me it was the best thing on wheels under $150K…It is him I have to thank for steering me to the most amazing car I have ever DRIVEN…(I mean DRIVEN!)
          Life is short- drive an RPEC!

          1. I am an ex mechanic,& was an instructor @ 2 racetracks, it’s challenging to find a car me & my wife can agree upon. This car feels solid with good ride & excellent power & even better handling! I’m getting 21 city 29hwy, & it will outrun most sedans out there! It does not wobble shake or bob @100mph, & inspires Confidence that it will stay planted in the rain. It may not be as swoopy or stylish as some cars, but the guys @ Florence Hyundai really treated me well! with the price!
            No I don’t work there, I’m retired.

  2. Merc and BMW are excellent cars but definitely over priced. Lexus showed us that luxury could be affordable and costs at least 10 k cheaper than German brands. Now, Hyundai comes very very close to Lexus in quality and exceeds the same in terms of features, again thousands of dollars less of Lexus price in every model. While all of them are excellent in engineering, some would want more profits on smaller number of units sold and others want their profits on large volumes of sales for relatively low price. (40 k for a car is not cheap).
    Average car enthusiast goes by emotion, reputation and national identity ( german engineering is good) and patriotic fervor ( I buy only American), and few people consider economics in the equation.

  3. Beautiful car!! But as embarrased as I am to say it, because its “a Hyundai” I would pass. Totally shallow I know. But I am being completely honest here. On a cognitive/mind level I understand that you are getting so much more luxury stylings and technology than can be found at other brands. But emotionally, my gut keeps saying Audi, Audi.
    Years of being brainwashed by the world? Yes, but I don’t have time to go to therapy just to buy a car 🙂

    1. I paid less than $30K for a brand new 2013 !!!!!!!!!!!!
      drive the car, then read some more! The 8 spd tranny always finds the right gear
      the tight sports car like handling,quiet, smooth, Luxury+ very Impressive.
      I only have 1900 miles on it but so far I’m blown away!

  4. You guys need to understand. Hyundai has had design language like this since the 90s in their HOME market. In South Korea their prestigious vehicles have always looked expensive and rivaled Merc and BMW along with Audi. Hyundai is just now bringing the designs they’ve had for 10+ years to America. Wake up people.

    1. I’m 55+ but still value handling & power, the 8 speed can either give you mileage or get the engine RPM in high power, the electric shocks have greater Control than most drivers can even imagine!! Is it a Luxury car or is it capable of Track day performance @ over 100 MPH? Drive the car & see the 2 sides! Oh yes the styling is Nice.

  5. ” I just thought Mini started making a new Mid-size sedan line’ ?Really? mini?
    do you even read this column? I have 11,000 on my 13 now, in all kinds of weather.
    I think of it as a 4-door 333hp 8 speed sport tourer! IMHO!

  6. I bought a 2011 Genesis in December of 2010. I was in an accident in May of 2014 and my car was totaled. I went online to check out the 2014 and saw that the 2015 was getting ready to come out in the Fall. The car had been redesigned. The dealer that I bought it from had 4 to sell and show around town. I replaced the Hyundai emblem with the Genesis wings. Everyone asked me what kind of car it was. They were pleasantly surprised. It drives like a top! I do not regret bypassing the 2014 for the 2015. If you are looking for a luxury car without the luxury price, the 2015 Genesis Sedan is the car for you!

  7. If you copied something, wouldn’t you tweak it a bit or more, that no one can say it’s an exact copy.Dont forget all new models are available to the competition for evaluating. Don’t forget that Ford owned Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

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