Indianapolis Cars and Coffee is an awesome weekly event held on Saturday mornings at 96th and Meridian on the north side of Indianapolis. This was our first time attending and we weren’t disappointed. Everyone who showed up was friendly and more than excited to talk about their car and other cars. People started to show up around 10 a.m. and most were leaving by noon. The diversity of years and makes of cars was amazing. It isn’t very often you will see an old Pontiac GTO parked next to a newer Lotus Elise. To me, this is what makes Indianapolis Cars and Coffee an excellent gathering. People are not noticeably¬†judgmental¬†and everyone is accepted. It has family feeling to it as many people already know each other and bring their families along for the ride. Old cars, new cars, it doesn’t make a difference. Indianapolis Cars and Coffee is all about sharing the love of the automobile. Be sure to try to check out at least once this year. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Below are some of pictures from the event.


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  1. Indy Cars & Coffee here. Thanks for the write up. We have lots of fun. I need some contact info for your site. I’m missing it on your site. Also, one of the pics is of my car and I’d love to download. Thanks!

  2. Indy Cars & Coffee here. Thanks for the plug. We have fun. How do I get in touch with you? Info to share about an upcoming event. Also, you have a great pic of my car I’d love to have! Let me know how we get in touch. Thanks

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