I was so happy with the HCPU that I decided to expand on Rob’s article and further the discussion, I figured I would give both of our readers some more to read on the subject.   The spectrum of my automotive appreciation is quite narrow, there are things that I can tolerate, and themes that I despise, mostly pet peeves and irritants.  The HCPU focuses on the single greatest following of excellence in automotive culture.

The Chrome Czars have created and maintained a respectable annual car show that for some, is a religious pilgrimmage of sorts, they spend their year preparing their rides and watching their calendars for that first or second weekend in October, to enjoy a trip with friends to a place where rockabilly music, giant turkey legs, vintage A-pillar spotlights and absurd amounts of pinstriping can be found within the four walls of the Mecca of Mid West hot rod specific shows.  10 years ago, the Chrome Czars recognized the need for a show for real hot rodders to drive their hot rods to, not trailer.

The list of guidelines and rules covered in Rob’s post is staunch.  In fact, their strict rule book is what makes Hunnert, Hunnert.  It keeps the riff raff out of the shows, and keeps the die hard hot rodders coming back year after year.  For 6 hours we meandered throughout row after row of slammed sleds and channeled and chopped roadsters, never once crossing paths with the obligatory Corvette, Mustang or Camaro that normally cohabits car shows with other, more personal vehicles; vehicles with personality, vehicles that can say who it’s owner is, just by sitting still in a field.  Not to knock seemingly everyone’s dream cars, but how “custom” can you really get with a 1970 Chevelle or a 1965 Mustang.  If you cruise into a show in a ’67 Camaro with scallops, lake pipes and a metal flaked roof, you’d be shot.

The Chrome Czars have done a great service to the Kustom Kulture, they created a safe haven for hot rods to flock to, with no worries of being parked next to the 2005 Monte Carlo with neon lights and a chrome alternator.  The trash has been weeded out at the gate.  Let’s hope that someone steps up and continues the HCPU, hot rodders need this weekend.    -Mose-

What are your thoughts?

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