Automotive Spring and Summer Event Guide

With winter finally starting to show like it is going to go away, it is not too late to think about automotive events to attend this year. Being in the Midwest, we have been experiencing cold, snowy, and rainy weather far longer than usual this year. The first quarter of the year has passed, but do not let time slip away. Here are some events in the Midwest I would like to attend this year or would be a great time for any car crazy person to participate in or attend. Some, if not all of them are family friendly, so load up your car and get out!

First up, local SCCA events. More than likely, there is an SCCA chapter near you with multiple types of events. Road rallies, autocross, drag cross, and if you are lucky enough, rally cross. I personally would like to get in at least one autocross and one rally cross event in the Dad Wagon this year, but we’ll have to wait and see. Check out for more information near you.

Next, car shows or Cars and Coffee. Even if you do not have a car to take to a car show or Cars and Coffee, they are a great time seeing awesome vehicles, which are fully customized to all original. You can even find ones, which are specialized towards different vehicles like Jeeps, Mustangs, and etc. Cars and Coffee events are a lot of fun as it joins a group of people with a love for cars.

Find a drag strip! I’m not saying you need to drag race your vehicle, but at least go check out a local track. Support your local grass-roots tracks and watch people try to run their fastest times. It can be a bit loud so be sure you get some ear protection, especially for the kids. I know we are going to get to the strip at least once this year and yes, I will be running The Dad Wagon to see what it can do, just for fun.

Hot Rod Power Tour! We are big fans of the Hot Rod Power Tour. We have never ran the whole event before, but we have gone to different stops along the way. It is a lot of fun to see what kind of cars are on the tour and you get to see some cool cars from sponsors too. Some of our favorite cars are the ones we have seen on shows like Roadkill, Hot Rod Garage, and more. This year’s tour starts in Bowling Green, Kentucky on June 9th and then ends in Concord, North Carolina on June 15th with many stops in between. Check out more information on the Hot Rod Power Tour by clicking here.


Check out the new Optima DriveAutoX events! FM3 Marketing, the same people responsible for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge, are starting a new series called the Optima DriveAutoX. This is different from the Street Car Challenge. As it states on their website, “It’s all about The Drive – to compete, to have fun, to make new friends, and to express your personality.” Participants and spectators will not have to work the courses, and the events are competitive but a lot of fun to watch! It is exciting to me because they want vintage cars to run and some of the cars may have no modifications. The classes are as follows:

We will definitely be checking the one out in Indiana coming in June. This year there are only four events (listed below) but my guess is they will expand in 2019. Check out more information and the rules at!

Check out awesome auto auctions like Mecum Auctions or Barrett-Jackson. You don’t have to be wealthy in order to be at one of these auctions. It is as much of a car show as it is an auction. We are planning on covering the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis in May, so watch for those pictures and opinions on the event. Check out or for events near you.

Go see a race! Whether it be a local track, a big event like a NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA race. These events are a lot of fun and family friendly. You can even go to less expensive days by checking out qualifying. Remember to support your local tracks too, you never know who you might see race and make it big one day!

These are just a small number of things you can do which are car related, there are always more things to do! The most important thing is to get out and have fun! If you have an old car, don’t let it sit, drive it!

What are your thoughts?

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